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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Book Blast Promotion for I'm Not Crazy, I'm on Lupron...

According to CDC, infertility effects 11% of women in the US. Author Stacey Rourke shares her own journey in her new book:

Basal body temperatures. Hormone injections. Invasive procedures - that leave no room for modesty. Tips on “effective positions” from well-meaning grandparents. 

When the natural way fails to work these are all added to the so called “fun” process of making a baby. Walk this rocky path to motherhood with author Stacey Rourke as she openly and honestly shares every good, bad, and awkward step of her three-year long journey. Using humor to break through the perils of infertility, she gives the lowdown on all the strange, embarrassing, and heartbreaking aspects. Stacey guides us through an unforgettable path that ends with a kid on each hip and hope for all those suffering with infertility. 

BONUS MATERIAL: “Morsels of Hope”
Success Stories from Infertility Survivors

Buy I'm Not Crazy, I'm on Lupron: A Journey Through Infertility at Amazon and B&N

If you are facing your own struggles, Stacey wants you to know you aren't alone.

Chat with Stacey Rourke
Wednesday, July 3 at 11:00 am eastern
Twitter: #Infertility

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For more information about infertility visit these sites:
Resolve: The National Infertility Association - www.resolve.org
International Council on Infertility Information – www.inciid.org
American Fertility Assoc. -  www.theafa.org

Disclosure: A GWR Publicity event paid for by Anchor Group Publishing. Giveaway is sponsored by the author who is responsible for the delivery of prizes. MA's Musings received no compensation for this post.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Yikes! Excerpt and giveaway!

Well, it seems that I have neglected to post on here in quite a while.  Goes with the territory I guess, but it is still disappointing.  I have found that editing, going to school, having a family life, and trying to write and promote at the same time is a feat that is going to require some work.
But, that is neither here nor there!  Today I come to you with an excerpt from my work in progress as well as some other information.  My submission for Stacey Rourke’s IVF book has been accepted and will be published here soon.  If I am not mistaken the book, I’m Not Crazy, I’m on Lupron: A Journey Through Infertility with Morsels of Hope, Success Stories from Infertility Survivors will be available at the end of this month.  I am excited to be a part of this, and hope that for those of you who are or know someone dealing with infertility, well my hope is that it brings you hope.
As for Twisted Snow, I am working on it and am still shooting for an summer/end of summer release.  If that does change, I will be sure to let you know.  I am excited to share it with you, and hope that you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.  So, on that note, here is an excerpt from the book!  Make sure to check out the rafflecopter at the bottom of the page as well!

Excerpt from Twisted Snow:

I dreamed of Moira, the night after I found the first of the three. Well, the second, if you counted Moira as the first. I could see her clearly for the first time in nearly a century. I had nearly forgotten how beautiful she was. Her hair was a riot of curls and waves, blowing about in the wind. Occasionally a stray curl would slide across her face, catching briefly on her full, ruby lips. Her cloak swirled around her delicate ankles in the breeze, baring her calves to my gaze. In our time, seeing the ankles of a woman was tantalizing and scandalous. Oh, how the times change. But even now, the sight of her slender frame filled me with a longing so intense it nearly brought me to my knees.
She was standing on the edge of beach near the town in which we had both lived. The ebb and flow of the waves tugged at her bare feet, foam washing over them. She stood in a partial profile, until the sound of my footsteps caused her to turn around. Her lips curved gently upward in a smile of pleasure.
I remembered this moment. I had decided that I needed to pursue my long quest for more knowledge of Magick, and I had come to bid her good-bye, though at the time she did not know that. I had dallied far too long in this place, with her, and needed to focus once again on my mission. There was a part of me the relished reliving the moment but another part of me stood back and did nothing but observe what happened.
As I drew close, she reached out a graceful hand to me and I grasped it, drawing her into my arms. “Moira,” I murmured, as I drew in the soft scent of her hair and skin. She smelled like sunshine and flowers, and seemed to further illustrate my belief that we truly did not belong together. In order to fulfill my mission, one that had been given to me with my father’s dying breath, I would have to venture into some very dark places. Places where my Irish Rose would wither and die. I couldn’t do that to her, and I knew if I tarried much longer in this place, I would give up and let down the one person who always mattered to me. I steeled myself against the warm sensations that slid through my body, pooling in my belly causing it to tighten in longing. With great difficulty, I drew back from her.
She looked at me sadly. It seemed she knew that something was amiss. I never could hide anything from her.
“You are leaving me, are you not?” she questioned quietly, her warm brown eyes searching my own.
“Moira…I…yes. I have to. You knew that this could not last,” I said finally. My heart was breaking, but duty had to come first. Duty was something that my father had drummed in my head from the time I could crawl.
“It does not have to be this way. I know you think that I cannot possibly understand what it is that you must do, much less go with you. But what you do not understand, my love, is that I must go with you. We two are tied together, and the separation will be the end of me. For you see, when we bonded, we bonded not just on the physical plane of existence, but on the Magickal plane as well. You and I are bound by love and by magick, a potent combination. If you plan on achieving your goals, you must take me with you. If not, you will never succeed. Not only will your power fade, but mine will fade as well,” she replied.
I was shocked. I had not considered what would happen when two Magicks fell in love. I had never encountered anything like it before, so there was nothing to warn either of us as to what would happen.

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